wedding photogtaphy in Poland - FAQ


1. Where do you take photos?

I live in Wroclaw but I take photos in whole country and abroad. I can reach every place in the world ?

2. In what time will we get photos?

Wedding sessions ? up to 1 month, wedding reportages ? up to 1 month. I try to deliver photos as soon as possible.

3. How many wedding photos will we get?

My package contains 500 fully edited photos. But there is a possibility to receive all photos I take during the wedding and wedding reception.

Wedding or fiancé sessions consist of 50 photos with a professional retouch.

4. How far in advance I must book wedding reportage?

To be 100% sure that the date will be available it is good to contact me as soon as possible ? some dates are booked even 2 years in advance.

5. Are the photos subject to retouch?

Every photo customer gets is subject to professional and precise retouch.

6. What equipment do you use in your work?

I use full-frame Canon DSLR cameras and bright, prime lenses (24mm to 85mm).

7. How long is the outdoor photo session?

Outdoor photo session usually lasts from 2-4 hours. The time depends mainly on how often do we move during the session. In case of taking session abroad I usually manage to do it in 3 days (arrival, session and departure).

8. Do you have permission to shoot in Roman Catholic churches?

Yes, I completed a course for photographers and I have Curia permission to photograph during church ceremonies.

9. How can we get an offer?

Please send your request with information about the time and place of the wedding. It is best to do it via contact form located on my website under the name “Contact“.

10. How do we sign an agreement?

We can sign an agreement during the meeting, but there is also an option to do it when we complete the formalities online. In second case, I send you a contract signed by me and I wait for scan of a document signed by customer.

11. What is your biggest photo dream?

To visit with camera all 194 countries in the world ?



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