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Hi! My name is Łukasz (Luke) Gromolak, I am a wedding photographer in Dublin. Professional wedding photography is what I have been doing for many years. What is close to my heart? Real and candid moments, dynamic reportage without artifical posing, nice, natural and saturated colors, emotional wedding portraits of the bride and groom, well performed group and family photos. I can also describe myself as documentary style wedding photographer Dublin. A short wedding session taken during the wedding reception should be relaxing experience for the young couple. As a hardware freak, I place great importance on archiving wedding photos, on every step of the process. Check my portfolio, wedding photography offer and price and contact me if you want to hire me as your wedding photographer Dublin! :) I’m available not only in Ireland and the UK – I work all over europe and beyond – I love destination weddings. I’m also available in London.

Dublin wedding photographer
Dublin wedding photographer – Łukasz Gromolak

Wedding photographer Dublin – check my portfolio

Before you choose a wedding photographer to capture your wedding day – you absolutely must check the photographer’s portfolio. As a professional photographer working in Dublin Ireland I know, that only a photographer who has photographed of hundreds weddings (that I am :) is able to meet the highest expectations of couples. What do I look for in wedding photography? Stunning photos, candid shots, real moments – not only in Dublin Ireland. :)

Dublin wedding photographer
Beautiful couple during photo session in Dublin, Ireland

Wedding photographer Dublin – check my offer

Check out my offer for wedding photography in Dublin Ireland. As you can see, I love unposed moments, truly timeless images. I deliver wedding photos via online gallery, password protected. It’s an easy way for you to download wedding photos as high quality images, full resolution files. As a wedding photographer (also) based in Ireland, I know Irish traditions, games and customs.

Dublin wedding photographer
Dublin wedding photographer – Łukasz Gromolak

Wedding photography Dublin Ireland – pricing

Pricing is always dependent on the date and size of the wedding. Wedding photography Dublin is therefore always priced individually, after e-mail contact. Wedding love story, full of special moments in Dublin Ireland – let me capture that special day!

Dublin wedding photographer

Wedding photography Dublin – is it worth?

Is it worth getting married in Dublin? Wedding photography in Dublin is booming! Many brides and grooms choose to get married in this beautiful city. Dublin wedding photographers are open to different cultures and customs. Dublin Ireland is also a beautiful location for a destination wedding.

Wedding photographers based in Dublin – how to choose the best one?

How do you choose the best wedding photographer? Wedding photographers, located in Dublin, feature a variety of prices, shooting styles and approaches to handling your wedding. Their wedding images can be very different from one another. Choose a wedding photographer in Dublin Ireland with your heart, too.

Dublin wedding photographer

Questions for photographer Luke Gromolak

There you can find a few questions for me – Luke Gromolak – wedding photographer. You will get to know my style of photography. As wedding photographer based (also) in Ireland I know how to meet the most difficult expectations of brides and grooms :)

How much does wedding photography Dublin Ireland cost?

Average prices for photography services range from £1,000 to £2,500. How much exactly does such a service cost? Please contact me by e-mail for a detailed quote for wedding photography in Dublin Ireland.

Dublin wedding photographer – pricing and packages

Dublin wedding photography – package 1Dublin wedding photography – package 2Dublin wedding photography – package 3
6 hours of shooting, a minimum of 250 photos,
price from £1,000
9 hours of shooting, a minimum of 350 photos,
price from £1,250
12+ hours of shooting, a minimum of 500 photos,
price from £1,500
Contacting a wedding photographerContacting a wedding photographerContacting a wedding photographer

Ask for details: gromolak@gmail.com or +48 607 265 770

Dublin wedding photographer

How long until the photos of my wedding in Dublin are ready?

Wedding photos will be ready up to one month. You will receive high resolution images in a password protected gallery. I do not only work in Dublin Ireland. I also provide my services in Poland, Germany, Spain, Norway etc.

Dublin wedding photographer

Do you travel for weddings?

Of course I do! I travel and do wedding photography everywhere. I visit a lot of beautiful wedding venues not only in Dublin Ireland. You could also find me as a destination wedding photographer Dublin – if you’re planning some weddings abroad – let me know! I will be there!

Dublin wedding photographer

What is included in my package?

In my package you can find the whole day reportage. I photograph the whole wedding day (usually about 10-16 hours, it depends on your expectations). I provide images in digital form, of weddings in Dublin Ireland. You can also order photo books.

Dublin wedding photographer

Weddings in Dublin – best 10 venues for dreamy wedding!

What are the best places in Dublin to have a wedding? We do not only have Dublin city center. Wedding venues are also available in different areas of the city. Remember – the best wedding venues must capture your heart. It’s a subjective matter (choosing the right wedding venues in Dublin Ireland).

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Dublin:

  1. The Shelbourne, Autograph Collection: Imagine saying „I do” in a historic 5-star haven, where time itself seems to stand still, and opulent ballrooms echo with the whispers of centuries of love stories.
  2. The Westin Dublin: Nestled in the city’s embrace, this elegant venue is a testament to enduring love. Its graceful architecture and intimate event spaces promise to cradle your dreams.
  3. The Morrison, a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel: On the river’s edge, this modern masterpiece offers not just a venue but an ode to love’s contemporary dance, where every moment is a note in your love story’s symphony.
  4. Clontarf Castle Hotel: In the heart of Dublin, a 12th-century castle stands as a sentinel of love’s endurance. This luxurious fortress offers a storybook setting for your journey into forever.
  5. The Merrion Hotel: Amidst landscaped gardens and Georgian grandeur, this venue whispers the language of timeless love. Each corner holds secrets of countless lovers who found their happily ever after here.
  6. Royal Hospital Kilmainham: Steeped in history, this venue cradles your love story in the arms of classical architecture and gardens that bloom with the promise of forever.
  7. Dublin City Hall: A stage set for grandeur, this iconic venue marries the past with your future. Its impressive architecture is a love letter to Dublin, and your wedding is the poetry that fills its halls.
  8. Farmleigh House: Surrounded by the embrace of Phoenix Park, this historic venue sings with the serenade of love. Its gardens bloom as a testament to the love stories that have unfolded here.
  9. The Marker Hotel: With the city’s skyline as your witness, this modern masterpiece unveils the love story of today. Its panoramic views offer a backdrop that rivals the stars themselves.
  10. The Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa: Just beyond Dublin’s reach, this venue cradles your love amidst the Wicklow Mountains’ breathtaking embrace. Here, your love story is a mountain to climb together, an adventure to cherish.
Dublin wedding photographer

Real emotions, captured in beautiful style – hire the best wedding photographer in Dublin

Genuine emotion immortalized with exquisite artistry – hire the best wedding photographer Dublin has to offer. Although there are many wedding photographers who offer their wedding photography services, choose the right photographer – including by reading reviews from previous clients about their work. Precious memories are beautiful wedding photos.

Dublin wedding photographer

Couple photography Dublin

Remember – it’s important to feel comfortable with a guy with a camera, not only during the wedding day. The selection of a wedding photographer should be preceded by both market research and determination of your own needs (wedding portraits?) Choosing the right Dublin based photographer guarantees the best photos and memories (not only portraits) in Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin wedding photographer

5 Steps to hiring a wedding photographer Dublin

  1. Explore the Best Wedding Photographers in Dublin: Embark on your quest for the ideal wedding photographer in Dublin, Ireland, by researching and identifying the most reputable professionals who specialize in wedding photography.
  2. Arrange Consultations: Schedule consultations with your chosen photographers to discuss your wedding day vision and ensure a harmonious connection. Your wedding photographer should not only capture beautiful images but also make the process fun and enjoyable.
  3. Examine Portfolios and Seek References: Delve into the wedding photography portfolios of your selected photographers, scrutinizing their ability to capture the emotions and memories of life’s most significant moments. Additionally, request references from past clients to gain insights into their experiences.
  4. Discuss Packages and Contracts: Engage in detailed conversations with the photographers about their wedding photography packages. Ensure that the chosen package aligns with your budget and fulfills your specific requirements. Thoroughly review and comprehend the terms and conditions outlined in the contract before proceeding.
  5. Secure Your Photographer: Once you’ve found the wedding photographer who embodies your vision, confidently secure their services by formalizing the agreement through contract signing and any necessary deposits. This step guarantees that your wedding day memories will be expertly captured by a talented photographer, preserving the essence of your special day in Dublin, Ireland.
Dublin wedding photographer

Why should hiring a good photographer in Dublin should be at the top of my budget plan?

Don’t save money on a wedding photographer – just like you don’t save money on your dream wedding hall. An experienced wedding photographer will photograph your wedding most beautifully. Choose such a photography studio that has a lot of experience. Only a experienced photographer from Ireland who has already photographed hundreds of weddings will be able to meet the highest expectations.

Dublin wedding photographer

Wedding photographer prices Dublin

The cost of wedding photography services in Dublin ranges from £750 to as much as £2,000-2500.

Among the cobblestone streets of Dublin, Ireland, my wedding photography captures your unique love story, weaving timeless memories into every frame of your wedding photographs.

Wedding at city hall in Dublin

Hosting an wedding at a city hall in Dublin? Would you like me to photograph your special moments in Ireland? This special day demands beautiful photos! From among many wedding halls, this one is the best!

Dublin wedding photographer

Wedding albums – beautiful wedding photo albums Ireland

See how beautiful a wedding album can look. Your guests, friends can see beautiful photos in a unique setting. Wedding photos can be framed in rectangular albums: 20×30 cm or 25×38 cm. I also provide square albums: 25×25 cm, 30×30 cm and larger.

Polish wedding photographer in Dublin – that’s how you can find me too!

I also cater Polish weddings and weddings (or Polish-language weddings, for example, half) taking place in Dublin, Ireland. Photographing beautiful moments is my true passion. This special day demands to be photographed. Polish wedding photographer in Dublin Ireland – contact me for more details. I’d love to capture your special day in Dublin Ireland.

Dublin wedding photographer

Professional wedding photography Ireland

As a professional photographer working in Ireland I’m capturing moment beautifully. Couple photography is what I realle love.

See where else I can photograph weddings and weddings in Ireland: Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Drogheda, Swords, Dundalk, Bray, Navan, Ennis, Kilkenny, Tralee, Carlow, Newbridge, Naas, Athlone, Portlaoise, Mullingar, Wexford, Letterkenny, Sligo, Clonmel, Greystones, Tullamore, Carrigaline, Kells, Arklow, and Maynooth.

It’s absolute pleasure to photograph every single wedding. Raw emotions, big day, beautiful pictures – I love it. I could describe my photography style primarily as a reportage. I’m also available in London.

Dublin wedding photographer

Dublin wedding photographers – choose the best one!

How to choose the best one from many wedding photographers in Dublin Ireland?

  1. Wedding photography is not an easy thing to do. Hire someone who works this way full-time.
  2. Check out the wedding photographer’s website – view his full photo reportages
  3. Contact him, arrange an online meeting, talk about your own expectations

By taking these steps you will gain confidence in which wedding photographer is best.

Dublin wedding photographer
Dublin wedding photographer – Łukasz Gromolak

Dublin Registry Office Wedding

Are you planning a Dublin Registry Office wedding? This is a very good choice of place for a wedding. This historic building has hosted many brides and grooms over the years. A wedding is a great day. Choose a wedding photographer for your wedding at Dublin Registry Office to have a keepsake for years to come! Precious moments are fleeting – in wedding photos they will be kept forever!

Dublin wedding photographer
Dublin Registry Office Wedding

Dublin Registry Office Photographer

A Dublin Registry Office Photographer specializes in capturing not just posed shots, but the magical moments that unfold in the most beautiful way, preserving them for a lifetime through wedding photography.

In the heart of Dublin, Ireland, the registry office photographer turns your special day into a fun-filled celebration of love, blending candid moments with the artistry of wedding photography to create cherished memories for life.

With a Dublin Registry Office Photographer, your wedding day in Dublin, Ireland, comes alive in the most beautiful way, as they skillfully weave fun and genuine emotions into every frame, ensuring your love story is captured in wedding photographs that will last a lifetime.

Dublin wedding photographer
Photographer working during civil ceremony in Registry Office in Dublin

Photographer for civil ceremony in Registry Office Dublin

You could also find me as a photographer for civil ceremony in registry office in Dublin Ireland. Wedding photography is also possible at this location. Do you have any important details? Let me know. We will discuss it.

Check where I can photograph your civil ceremony in Ireland: Tralee, Portlaoise, Naas, Newbridge, Sligo, Greystones, Mullingar, Letterkenny, Athlone, Kells, Carlow, Arklow, Tullamore, Carrigaline, Maynooth, Waterford, Limerick, Swords, Drogheda, Dundalk, Navan, Bray, Ennis, Kilkenny, Wexford, Clonmel, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Waterford. I’m also available in London.

Dublin wedding photographer

Contact with a wedding photographer Dublin

Time to contact your wedding photographer! :) My preference is to contact me by email. Describe your wedding and reception to me, give me the date of the reception and you can also specify an approximate budget. Although I do not live directly in Dublin on a daily basis, there is no extra charge for my arrival in Dublin.